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  • Should small and medium-sized companies apply?
    Small and medium-sized companies (100-500 full-time employees) are actually preferred, since they can claim the ERC for the first and second quarters of 2021 for any eligible wages paid to each employee, even if the employees were not working.
  • How will I know if I meet all qualifications?
    Our expert professionals are ready to answer all of your questions. Contact us today and we’ll be in touch in just 1 business day.
  • Will I have to repay the ERC funds?
    Absolutely not. This is a refundable tax credit, not a loan. You’ll receive your funds directly from the IRS as a refund check.
  • My business grew in 2021, should I still apply?
    Yes. The ERC program has quite a few qualifying factors that can really add up to real benefits for your business. Don’t count yourself out without a proper consultation—it’s free!
  • Can I qualify for the ERC if I’ve already received the PPP?
    Yes. The ERC program has been modified to now include companies that have a PPP loan. There are limitations to take into consideration, however, and we’ll make sure to factor in your specific situation to get you the maximum ERC credit available to you.
  • I have an essential business, should I still apply?
    Yes. There are still other qualifying criteria that can include your business. It’s worth it to find out with a fast and easy consultation. Complete the form above to get all your questions answered with zero obligation.
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