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Our Mission

Be the strongest partner for our clients by providing the highest quality of products and services for in-demand markets while sustaining a trusted gold standard in ethics, efficiency and flexibility. 

The Company

Twinvay Products, Inc., is a global import/ export company specializing in the procurement and distribution of quality personal protective equipment (PPE).
Twinvay Products Inc. branched off in 2020 from its affiliated location in Waldbronn, Germany.

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Our company covers the entire value chain from product selection, producer scouting, production monitoring, import/export, international logistics, processing and distribution.

Our relationships span from manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and governments throughout the world. These relationships enable Twinvay to procure the multi-certified products with competitive prices at the right time for specific customer needs.

Our Quality Process

At Twinvay Products, we take pride in our robust quality control process to ensure that our customers receive high-quality products. We source products both domestically in the US and from international vendors outside the US, and we implement several measures to maintain quality across our supply chain.

While we do source products from international vendors, we also focus on American made quality products for our sourcing. We believe in supporting local businesses and manufacturers and promoting the growth of the American economy. We conduct the same rigorous quality control measures for both domestic and international vendors to ensure that our customers receive products that meet our quality standards.

To begin, we conduct severe due diligence on all our vendors, including reviewing their business history, credentials, and feedback from previous customers. This process helps us to identify vendors with a good reputation who can deliver high-quality American made products to our required standards.

Once we have identified a suitable vendor, we place test orders to verify the quality of their products. Our testing process is rigorous, covering all aspects of the product, including materials, packaging, labeling, and functionality. We only place bulk orders once we are confident that the products meet our quality standards.

We also conduct on-site inspections of vendor facilities to ensure that the quality of the products is consistent with our test orders. We review product samples and inspect the production process to identify any potential quality issues that may affect the final product.

Finally, we track all shipment documents, including customs clearance and shipping labels, to ensure that our American made products are handled and transported appropriately. This helps us to maintain the quality of our products throughout the entire supply chain.

By implementing these quality control measures and focusing on American made quality products for our sourcing, Twinvay Products can ensure that our customers receive high-quality products and that our brand reputation remains intact.

  • Established market presence and ability to manage risk

  • Secured contracts with major wholesalers and suppliers throughout the US, Germany, India, Canada and Asia

  • Access to high volume capacity and in-house inventory for immediate distribution

  • Extended product/service life cycle through trusted relationships

  • ​Well-developed and ongoing development of internal processes

  • Access to highly skilled workforce and contractual

  • High quality, reliable sources of PPE and other products

  • Emerging technical knowledge of international business and
    international trading

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